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Website Traffic

To Your Site ... With A Potential Reach In Excess Of 350 MILLION Internet Visitors. Our Precision Profiling System™ Is So Effective...

You'd Pay Major Pay-Per-Click Services 6 to 10 Times More To Get The Same Volume Of Targeted Visitors To Your Website.  Targeted Website Traffic Means More Sales. We Can Increase Website Visits To Your Online Business, with Same Day Setup And Activation.

Increase Website Visitors

Starting in LESS THAN ONE HOUR, you could be receiving Tens of Thousands of highly targeted visitors for your online business... AT A LOWER Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Rate.  We can Increase Website Visits To Your Site By 500% or MORE....immediately.

We will drive Internet Visitors to your website at the moment they are searching for the exact type of product or service that you offer. They could even be visiting one of your competitors' websites, or using any of the thousands of search engines.

Our systems are effective because they are extremely targeted. Using a virtually unlimited number of categories, languages, keywords and phrases in a non-competitive format, your website is presented exclusively and in full display. Our ad delivery system, although non-intrusive,  simply cannot be ignored.

Targeted Website Traffic WORKS!!!

InterSponse Networks will provide a guaranteed solution for your Online Advertising and Marketing needs. Targeted Website Traffic is the life blood of any Online Business. We Will Profile And Deliver An Internet User To Your Website At The Exact Moment They Are Search And Surfing For A Product Or Service That You Sell. We are one of the most efficient and profitable sources for advertising and marketing your business around the corner.. or around the World.

Just How Effective Is Targeted Traffic Ad Delivery vs. "Click-Throughs" ?

More users make a purchase after a simple ad impression than from a click-through. In a study released July 2004, DoubleClick finds that "view-throughs", conversions that result from a user seeing an ad online but not clicking on it, have a higher conversion rate than click-throughs. For Q2 '04, the view-through rate for DoubleClick clients averaged 0.73% while their average click-through rate was 0.43%


  • Targeted Website Traffic - General Website Traffic does nothing to accurately promote your business. In Today's Competitive Marketplace, You Need To Identify Targeted Website Visitors That Are Actually Looking For The Type Of Product Or Service You Sell. Get Pinpoint Accuracy At A Fraction Of The Costs Of Quality Pay-Per-Clicks.
  • FAST Website Traffic Account Setup - If your online business is ready to start receiving targeted website visitors in one hour or less. Even with extremely targeted promotions, we can start delivering highly targeted visitors to your business with pinpoint precision, in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Increase Website Hits, Sales and Conversions - As You May Know, Planning Is The Most Difficult Part Of Anything Attempted. With A Well Laid Out Plan, Execution Is Easy. We Will Assist You With Channel, Category and Keyword Selection. We'll Make Sure That You Understand How Your Website Visitors Are Identified And Selected, And Your Campaign Will Be Constantly Fine-Tuned To Insure The Highest Level Of Service Possible.
  • Full Turnkey Lead Generation Systems - We Can Offer You A Proven Sales & Lead Generation System For Your Business. We Offer An Industry First Real-Time Chat System With Each Account, That Allows You To Talk With Ready and Willing Buyers Immediately. Our proprietary statistical system will track and monitor your visitors to help you determine exactly where to put your ad dollars for the most responsive campaigns EVER!!

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    Certified ISBC Partner

    Certified ISBC Partner

    Certified ISBC Partner

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